As consumer confusion continues to swell, it’s important rural influencers connect with their urban constituents.

However, curating an online community is a time consuming task that takes away from farming, ranching and family obligations.

The Rural Influencer Project will arm participants with the skills to transform digital brand into a profitable business resulting in brand credibility and the financial freedom to allocate time to your craft.

This is not your typical blogger retreat. Throw your classroom settings and blogging 101 courses to the wayside. This intimate, discussion-focused retreat will allow rural tastemakers to connect with influential brands, industry professionals and similar content creators. By sharing each other’s vast knowledge and experience, participants will gain skills, tools, and confidence to elevate their communities and thrive as entrepreneurs.


This retreat is ideal for influencers with farm or ranching backgrounds who curate engaging online communities through common off-the-farm interests.


This gathering of individuals who have found a niche influencing the moveable middle and are not solely focused on engaging the choir of agricultural advocates.

Retreats are unlike any other blogger conference, which means registration is limited to less than 20 participants. This ensures an intimate gathering and allows ample opportunity for sharing and collaboration.